Unable to add RHEV-M in Active Directory domain

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i am getting below error while adding the RHEV-M in Active Directory Domain

FQDN of my DC is : DC.SRInfotec.com



[root@rhev-m ~]# rhevm-manage-domains -action=add -domain=dc.srinfotec.com -user=rohit -password=pass@123
Argument [passwordFile, interactive] is required.


Either use a password file using the -passwordFile option or,

use the -interactive option and you'll be prompt for a password

Thanks Simon,


i used -interactive option after user name, now it is showing my dmain name.


rhevm-manage-domains -action=add -domain='srinfotec.com' -user='admin' -interactive.



due you have any idea, if i want to use Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Desktopsfor this i have to add any subscription or we can login in RHEV-M and create the pool

There is no extra package or channel required, it's a matter of holding to the agreement terms.


This means that yes, you can just go ahead and create the pool, but please avoid it if you do not have the entitlement. If you are using the RHEV trail subscription then it is OK to try out the Desktop features as well.


To read more on RHEV entitlements please go to this discussion: