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One of our customer is looking for the LAN Monitoring tool for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and they want are the options for using the LAN monitoring tool which are certified with RHEL.


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If you are looking for a tool to measure the bandwidth utilization of network links of different hosts in the network, you can use mrtg + SNMP which is available in RHEL6 and RHEL5. mrtg will use snmp counters on remote hosts to get the bandwidth details.


# yum instal mrtg

# man mrtg

Thanks for the update.


Kindly share some 3rd party application or tool which is certified with RHEL.


Tools that are shipped with Red Hat are supported by Red Hat. Mrtg and rrdtool (only in rhel6) are some of them which need snmp listening on all entities that need to be monitored. You may need SNMP for almost all third party monitoring tools to work as expected and RHEL includes it.


Red Hat do not certify third party monitoring tools. There are many and I have personally used Nagios and Cacti and was very happy with its performance and robustness.

When you say LAN monitoring tool, what are your requirements? Do you mean a full monitoring system like Nagios? A statistics gathering system like MRTG or Cacti? A local statistics tool like dstat? It's tough to offer suggestions without knowing what you are looking for.


Customer is looking for any tool like "Manage Engine OpManager 8" for RHEL. 

Based on the OpManager feature list I would recommend taking a look at Zenoss.