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In an earlier discussion, I received help to move a kvm guest from libvirt to an exportdomain.   I then imported the guest to RHEV and have it running on a RHEV-M host.


Now, I am looking for a way to bring that RHEV VM back out to libvirt.   I can get the guest to the exportdomain, but I don't see that virt-v2v has an input method of rhev.   There is an output method for libvirt and rhev, which should work fine.


The reason for doing this:  I would like to make an image copy of the production VM, and send it to a Disaster Recovery site, or to a test host for developers.




Hi Paul,


Right now, virt-v2v can only import into RHEV, not the other way around. This will be made possible with virt-p2v, that's planned to around RHEL 6.3 timeframe. Also, taking a VM off of an NFS based export storage domain is not too hard - just grab the right images, and attach them to a non-RHEV VM with the same operational parameters. Those can be simply glipsed in the RHEV GUI, or extracted from the ovf file. Not a supported or automated solution, but it will work for a one-off transition in case of dire need.


Hope this helps


Any virt-p2v functionality is *not* guaranteed or committed for any listed RHEL minor release.





I exported a VM from RHEV to the NFS export domain.    Then accessed that image from another libvirt (non-RHEV) machine.    It started just fine.   The export image is perfect for DR.


The place where I found the image was a long name:




Orignally, I did the import from exactly the same name.    I guess the long name contains UUID or WWID, which does not change for a VM.


thanks for the guidance.

(1) virt-p2v isn't supported for this use case, and I don't think it would work.


(2) virt-p2v is at the moment scheduled for inclusion in RHEL 6.3.