Simulate SAN storage interruption

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I'd like to test  HA   when  a connection  to the SAN  to one of the Hypervisors  interrupted  .How  to simulate  SAN external storage  disconnection  in command line ?


In  the  RHEV documentation  there is an  axample  with   ifdown command    for ISCSI  strorage only .





How about un-zoning the host from the FC switch?

There are multiple approaches (all are dependent upon SAN vendors):


1) via the SAN fabric-switch cli (block the ports which provide half the paths, then after certain interval unblock them).


2) power-off the counterpart SAN Switch in a redundant config (again via the cli of SAN fabric-switch, which, unfortunately, is vendor specific).


3) If the host HBA is connected to some layer-1 switches like APCON or MRV, then you can use the CLI of APCON (or MRV) to simulate HBA port failures/blockages.


Hope it helps.