After re-installation of RHEV the LUN is not visible in the RHEVM GUI

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After doing a fresh installation of RHEV and trying to configure iSCSI storage, the LUN is not visible in the RHEVM GUI. I think because the LUN was used by a previous installation of RHEV it causes the LUN to not show up in the GUI.


This happens on the configuration screen for adding a new storage domain. Once you enter the address of the target (a NetAPP Filer) and click discover, no LUNs show as available, but if I run iscsiadm on the hypervisor I can see the LUN.


I was able to work around this issue by dding the LUN from the hypervisor, logging out of the targets, then add the storage again from the GUI.


Is this a bug? Or intended behaviour?

It would be better if the GUI did show the LUN but gave a warning and allowed you to wipe it or just use it anyway.




Hi Peta,


What you did is the proper way to deal with this. I believe RHEV will ignore any LUN that


1. already has a VG with LVM tag RHAT_storage_domain
2. has partitions

For reference see this kbase:


You can do something like this to wipe it:


dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/path/to/LUN bs=1024k count=10


I chose 10MB but the size is mostly arbitrary, just be sure to wipe at least the partition table and any LVM metadata.


So, this is expected behavior. I agree that RHEV should show a warning about ignored LUNs and there is an RFE for this. I suggest you open a case on your desire to have the LUNs displayed with a warning in the RHEV GUI. You can mention in the new case that the Bugzilla tracking the RFE is 724807 (note it is private so you won't be able to see it) We can then properly track the demand for the feature.

Thanks for the info John, I've opened a case.