Consider adding clamav to the repos

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A lot of sites deploy clamav to satisfy knee-jerk requirements for anti-virus software. The EPEL repository is a good source but I'd be happier if clamav were available in the official, supported repos.


This is an ideal move.  ClamAV is a modular engine, both for data and add-on services.  This means if Red Hat does not want to be liable for the "data" package updates, it should still include the main engine and support.


Additionally, it would be ideal if Red Hat shipped and supported the most popular service add-ons.  E.g., the in-line, ClamAV plug-ins/add-ons for Postfix/Sendmail (whatever MTAs that ship), Squid (whatever proxy), etc...


-- Bryan


P.S.  Another option for the "data" and other, add-on packages is for Red Hat to provide a mechanism for ISV partners to provide the updates and other support.  Given the sheer popularity of embedded and Enterprise Linux for in-line service scanning (e.g., Barracuda Network's marketshare, among the top others in the industry), the more EL can be designed around this, the more Red Hat has an opportunity for ISV partnerships and related licensing.