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we're followed all the mentioned steps to download and watch video of downlaod  , but unfortunately we've got the below error message,  please help us ,

Download Not Found

The object you requested, /rhn/isos/rhel-6.1/md5sum/f8c8a310e34d26339c99d462e3557324/rhel-server-6.1-i386-dvd.iso, was not found.

·         If you followed a link to reach that content, the link may have expired. Click on the back button in your browser to refresh the page and try again.

·         Download links are dynamic and time-sensitive. If you used a bookmark to try to reach '/rhn/isos/rhel-6.1/md5sum/f8c8a310e34d26339c99d462e3557324/rhel-server-6.1-i386-dvd.iso,' please delete it. Instead, bookmark the page describing the object.

·         If you feel you've reached this page for some other reason, please contact Red Hat Customer Service with details of how you received this message. Include the following information:

1.    Status code : 403

2.    Download object : /rhn/isos/rhel-6.1/md5sum/f8c8a310e34d26339c99d462e3557324/rhel-server-6.1-i386-dvd.iso

3.    Client IP address :

4.    Edge IP address :

5.    Timestamp : 1313947340

6.    Steps used or links followed to reach the page where your request was made.


It sounds like you tried to use a direct link to the DVD instead of going through the web user interface.  Direct links don't work for more than an hour because of the timestamping that Red Hat uses to control access.  You should go to the channel's download page and click on the link there:

Hope this helps.



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