Gluster as clustering alternative

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I would like to suggest to have Gluster as an alternative to do Clustering in RHEL environment. It is simpler and cleaner way to do simple clustering for Samba, LAMP etc. 


1 use case that we done is using Gluster (from EPEL repo) to do PHP clustering on RHEL, which itself sits on top of RHEV. As doing clustering with GFS is a bit of a headache on RHEV environment (its hard to share disk between 2 VM without altering the database), we ended up using Gluster and were surprise to see the performance and reliability on top of RHEV environment. Bear in mind that this is for a state government hosting a large number of public sector website on PHP.


Hope RH can consider this suggestion.




Red hat to Acquire Gluster



From the FAQ:


Q: What is Red Hat's sales strategy/plan for Gluster-derived products?


A: In the coming months we plan to incorporate Gluster's products into other Red Hat solutions and offer them using a typical subscription model, similar to what we do with other Red Hat products.




I can only encourage you to stay tuned.


I'd like to support raised issue - we widely use  RH   Cluster solution for Oracle with GFS .

And we are looking for  GFS alternate  within the RHEV .


Will be glad  you will  share how to deploy Gluster in RHEV .



/Vlad .