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In AIX cfgmgr makes bringing in SAN disk or virtual tape drives a breeze. I know there's a script, but it doesn't always work. It would be nice to have a utility like cfgmgr.


In general, Linux and RHEL suffer from a fairly high degree of immaturity in the dynamic reconfiguration space. Yeah, I can write scripts to do things like probe for new drives, revive downed paths, etc. but, when those things have been part of other UNIX OSes for 15 years (IRIX had a the dynamic reconfig stuff sorted out back in the mid 90s - and even Sun had the functionality since at least 2000), one has to ask why RHEL's so far behind. In addition to discovery of new devices, it would be nice if RHEL noticed changes to existing devices. It really sucks that I can't update drive geometry on the fly (the `blockdev` command's a nice start, but the fact that I have to completely offline the disk before the command will run really kinda sucks).


In an enterprise environment - particularly an environment where other vendors are either pushing online reconfig or customers are migrating away from OSes that have supported it for a decade or more - its lack of availability and maturity in RedHat sticks out like a sore thumb.

I DEFINITELY agree with this, it's a super pain everytime I expand a LUN or add a new LUN on the SAN side to have to reboot the server to reprobe and notice the change of the block device, there are "scripts" out there that sort of work some of the time, but nothing that is concrete and dependable.  This functionality has been included with OS's for many many years even Novell Netware can do this.

This is definitely on my wanted list. Too many reboots for an enterprise OS!