Missing xorg-x11-apps package in RHEL7 beta?

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I can't find the xorg-x11-apps package with any variant of "yum list xorg-x11-apps" (and different wildcard options). I don't see it listed in the "Deprecated" or "Removed" packages lists in the Release Notes. Did the files in it get moved into some other package that I can't find, or is it just AWOL in this release? (it is present in Fedora 20).


Hi James,

This was indeed removed, and will most likely show up in the EPEL repo at GA. If you feel that this should be added back as a fully supported package, feel free to file a support case - else, I can request the release notes be updated to reflect the removal.



I'll whine and grumble a bit here, but probably not go so far as to formally request re-inclusion via a ticket (so please do update the Release Notes--including the recommended substitutions section).

Possibly preemptive rant re: RHEL8 and The Future: please DO NOT eliminate the concept of small, stand-alone GUI apps that can run independently without the baggage of a full desktop environment. We use RHEL almost exclusively on servers, so the concept that we don't need a separate clock, terminal, Network Manager config tool, etc. because those are all part of the "desktop" is not valid for us (and we don't want it to be in the future).

Given the apparent inevitability of Wayland in the future, can we at least have an environment were single GUI tools can be run without any other GUI/desktop processes tagging along--just the absolute minimum need to run the requested app, and ideally, the minimum size 'desktop' needed for that app--so that, for example, a hypothetical Wayland-based "xclock" replacement could run in a 100x100 pix "desktop" (being displayed remotely), not a giant 1280x1024 waste-of-space (and bandwidth)?