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Is there a way that I could use the jboss-cli-client.jar application to connect to jboss servers remotely without installing the whole jboss package onto the server?

So what I was thinking of was that if I had 2 jboss hosts with 2 slaves connected to each of them, I would like a jboss client on a separate server with which I could remote into the jboss hosts and execute commands. Is there a way I could do this without installing the whole jboss package?


I'm not sure I fully understand what you mean by slave and hosts here. JBoss EAP has the concept of domain mode where a domain controller manages multiple instances "under it" but it has nothing to do with hosts. You can have the domain and nodes on the same host, separate hosts or combine things.

With JBoss comes a CLI interface. This interface uses the "internal" REST interface which allows you to congigure/manage any instance. If you use the CLI against the domain controller you can manage the whole setup from one place. And it can be used against standalone instances as well. Use it to query, configure, deploy and do pretty much anything you do from the administration screen (and more). CLI does not have to be run on the same host EAP is running on. You'll need to connect with a user with the right access rights to use the administration features but it can be done over the network as long as you have access to the network port and a user account.

This way you can deploy new code by running the CLI on your workstation.

If I misunderstood your question, feel free to restate it.

Hi Peter, my question was more along the lines of:
Is there a way to manage a jboss instance/cli remotely without installing the whole jboss package?