image builder commands parameters issues

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Hi Dear,
I've tried to do some test with RHEL image builder (RHEL8.3) using some commands described in image customization. Unfortunately some commands doesn't run, by ex.: cannot install firewall:

name = "firewalld"

Package is present with depsolve:

# composer-cli blueprints depsolve KVM_RHEL8_TestServer |grep firew

But cannot install it:

# composer-cli compose start KVM_RHEL8_TestServer qcow2
2021-12-01 14:21:24,285: DNF error occured: MarkingErrors: Error occurred when marking packages for installation: Problems in request:
missing packages: firewalld

And some other strange things, like :
- defining group and user but builder cannot create user because it doesn't find the group.
- or following errors:

[/usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/journal-nocow.conf:26] Failed to resolve specifier: uninitialized /etc detected, skipping
All rules containing unresolvable specifiers will be skipped.
Failed to create file /sys/fs/selinux/checkreqprot: Read-only file system

As someone already have same issue or any idea about these Problems?
Thanks a lot in advance for your help and support