Merge bottom and top bars in RHEL7 Beta?

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Is there any way to "merge" the two bars in the default installation of RHEL7 beta? I am running it on my laptop, and the two bars seem to take up a rude amount of real estate with one being on top and another being on bottom. tas

The top bar has SO MUCH Real estate not being used to display running windows. It will only display the currently focused window...which is honestly useless, as I pretty much know what window I am currently using. The open windows list on the bottom bar looks great, but it takes up space that could be used for my applications. Why not just list the open windows in the top bar, in the middle space between the "Applications" and "tray" to the right?

I have installed dconf-editor in the hopes of finding a change I could use to make this happen, but have had no luck. I have also tinkered with Tweak Tool, but havent had the results.

This would match my normal workflow of everything being at the top and quick on the eyes.



You are using GNOME Classic, correct?

I believe so. I am using the default install with the Gnome desktop group. I double check tonight to make sure it is classic mode.