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I have scenario like
I reset my local user password because it was set like "I need to reset when I login for the 1st time".. after I reset it says authentication token updated successfully and closes the session.

after that I login again then it asks me reset it again and again it does not allow to login at all

I do not have any other user ID's to login and check.. also I do not have root user password



Hi Arulanandam Sakthivel,

You tagged your post with "Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Real Time" - I'm not sure if you are using Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7, 8, or an outdated version such as 6 or below.



Im Usin RHEL 7 Thanks for your response.. I'm looking for a root cause for my issue.. My issue is Im able to reset the password however it asks me again and again to reset and closes the session

Also I'm thinking about solving the issue without a reboot!!

Thanks Arul

Hello Arulanandam Sakthivel,

I've never used Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Real Time.

  • Are you using a centralized account such as something connected to LDAP or Active Directory?
  • Can you log into the system as root, or a local account if it exists? Is there a difference?
  • After a successful login, does it immediately nag/prompt for a password repeatedly?

I hope you can resolve this without a reboot, this seems odd. If you are attempting to change the password for an account that is not in /etc/passwd (like Active Directory), then you'll have to change it there. I'm not certain of how your accounts are set up etc.

If needed, submit a case with Red Hat.



its not AD account.. its just a local user account that I need to change the password.. Also I'm getting a note that "all authentication tokens updated successfully" (after this the session closes automatically) but again I have to reset the password

Thanks Arul