unable to register (Code d'erreur HTTP 401)

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when i run subscription manager for first time the system give an uuid to the host and i can see it in the redhat customer portal but i can't see last check in, and when i run subscription-manager auto-attach or register second time i get :
Code d'erreur HTTP 401: Unable to make a connection using SSL client certificate.Please review proxy configuration and connectivity.

the system is behind a proxy, date and time are syncronized

any tips ?


Hello Abdelhadi Saidane,

  • My initial thought - please make sure time is set properly on your system with chrony/ntp https://access.redhat.com/solutions/68657.
  • another common thing, enter your username at Red Hat when you register, not an email address.
# subscription-manager clean
 # subscription-manager register --username=<login_Id>
 # subscription-manager attach --auto

Additionally, please see this Red Hat solution, and just curious. does your system have a working network connection? If not, registration won't go well. Another astute person named Christian Labisch has some good info I'll hunt for in many other posts.