Installation of Oracle Database 19c on RHEL 8.3

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I am trying to install Oracle Database 19c on RHEL 8.4, i follow all the steps on Oracle-Base and, the DB is installed, but when try to login through the Oracle User at the login screen it shows a blank screen for few seconds and then comes back to login screen and then if i try to login through root or other user then the same thing happens with those users also. But if I restart my linux machine and login using root or non oracle user then i am taken into desktop, but cannot login using Oracle user which i created for oracle installation.

Also please provide the steps or references for installation of Oracle 19c on RHEL 8.3


Did you use Oracle's "preinstall" RPM? It should work on both RHEL 8.4 and 8.3, but I haven't tested it myself: