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Hi all!
I am trying to install Redhat for personal education purpose. I have downloaded the RHEL 8.3 version and created a bootable USB using rhel-8.3-x86_64-boot. I have changed the BIOS to AHCI from RAID. Even after giving the account details the installation process terminates in the middle. It gives bug report as anaconda 33.x.xxxx (some vales which I couldn't remember.
I am stuck up at this juncture.
Kindly help me out in this regard


Hello Wilson Paul,

You could switch to different terminals by pressing the key combination of "Ctrl + Alt + F1-F5" and inspect the kernel and boot logs. Press Ctrl+Alt+F2 keys and then run 'cat /tmp/anaconda.log' to see the anaconda related messages. You may view the kernel logs @F4. Check if you get any hint over here to understand what is happening and why did the installer stop? Once verified the message/logs over here, you could switch to the main installation screen by pressing "Ctrl+Alt+F6" keys.

Also, make sure that the credentials that you've provided are correct. You may login to Red Hat Customer Portal link and verify the subscriptions that you've activated. I hope that the boot image is good.

All the best!

Hope that it helped you :)