Discs not showing for install

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Ok so I am ready to take the leap of faith here and come over to RHEL but.. Now I am getting to the setup screen 2nd page where it is telling me It can only see 1 drive and that drive is the USB with the ISO on it. The other 6 drives do not appear at all in the list of drives.

Here is what I have

Dell power edge server
Raid Perc 6/i
6 2TB drives in the system
2 NICs 1 to the internet and 1 LOCAL ONLY for SPEED direct to computer
for transferring

Raid is set up as RAID-0 Currently in HARDWARE RAID on PERC 6/i

But not seeing ANY of the drives to install to...
They are all NEWLY initialized drives with NO partitions on them at all.

Forgive me but I am SUPER new to this and will require step by step directions on how to fix this and get the software installed.. Thank you


The PERC 6i is no longer supported by the hardware vendor, which doesn't provide us any forward path to have potential issues resolved if they happen, so we have removed the drivers:

As an unsupported workaround, that page lists the ELRepo Driver Update Disks where you can download a third-party megaraid_sas driver to get things working.

Just be aware that the RAID controller driver would not be supported by us.

Sad face.. Suggestion would be to add it back with maybe a disclaimer that using it is not guaranteed since people like me, and I am sure there are a few of me out there might like to use your software but are not able to do so. I really WANT to use it but this may be the part where I can not.. I prefer to use it... Ill look into the solution and let you know what i find.

It's definitely been requested and discussed before.

We operate on a principle of "if we ship it, we support it" and with the hardware vendor marking these 2008-era devices as End Of Life, we cannot support them any further.

We also felt that having users run into a roadblock and really have to go out of their way to resolve it was a more effective way of driving home the point that "this might break soon in the future and there will be no remedy for it".