Satellite 6.8 - Report on job that was run (patch update)

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We are updating servers with certain erratas.
Content hosts > (select hosts) > manage errata (or manage package) Select the errata and update via Remote Execution.
It produces a nice page of ALL the hosts that have been successfully updated and ones that have failed.
I need that report... :)
But there is no where to export that screen or to produce a report on the job.


Hi Laura,

This example here from a Red Hat employee on reddit gives examples to examine errata against many hosts.

I think that the example above might a much cleaner method than this other method at the documentation, but I'll have to hunt and ask some others on this. I would believe there's some method to produce a report, and I have some examples at work for general reports.

Please see those examples help you, and I'll post back (or hopefully someone else will post with more direct info).