Triggering a Satellite Job via SSH?

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Hello dear community,

i am currently trying to resolve the following.
I have a Windows Client. From that Client i established a SSH connection to the Server (RHEL7) that is hosting the Satellite Server.
Now i'd like to trigger a job abc on hosts x,y,z from the command line.

So what i'm trying to accomplish is to do the same thing as "Schedule Job" in the WebUI, just from the cli.

What are the ways to do that?

Thanks alot in advance and kind regards,



Hello, it depends if you prefer to use hammer CLI or the API directly.

For Hammer CLI, see e.g. and job-template / job-execution, or hammer CLI guide.

For API documentation, login to your WebUI, and then go to https://your.satellite.fqdn/apidoc/v2 and grep for Job invocation and Job templates.