bond IP inaccessible in Dual Bonding

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In my server, I have created 2 bond interface bond0 & bond1. bond0 created with 2 1G network interfaces & bond1 created with 2 10G network interfaces. each bond interface configuration "ONBOOT= yes" configured.

my problem is when the server rebooted, I can not access bond0 and bond1 IP. on that time I have access server console and run ''systemctl restart bond0'' command, then bond0 IP can accessible. this problem is happening every time when the server is rebooted.


Are you using a bonding mode which requires switch support (modes 0, 2, 3 ,4)?

If so, is the switch configured with a similar port aggregation?

Are the IPs on the bonds in the same subnet? If so, that's a fairly complex sort of config to get right, you might want to reconsider the IP address layout.