Issues finding zip archives during building from RH PAM source

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I have built the open source versions of JBPM and DROOLS many times but am having some subtle issues that I might need help with, my company has a subscription for my job, and so I am building 7.3 from source using mvn build in the org.kie.rhba-7.8.1 directory. However, during the build process, maven and its plugins are looking for zip file archives on
that are not present. The artifacts in question have pom, pom.sha1 and pom.md5 files but the build is not trying to make the zip archives before downloading them using the pom files - it is directly looking for the zip archives.

I could skip the wildfly and eap zip's that it tries to do under the common branch - but not the currently not found
Do I need to build the other artifacts before what looks like the master pom in org.kie.rhba-7.8.1? Is there a master pom that I am ot seeing to build the source (like is present in the open source JBPM)? If not, and I need to build the artifacts, what is the order of the directories I need to build the pom's from? Thanks!


Wouldn't it be a lot simpler if you just downloaded the provided binaries?

No. I am building from source because I am using SQL Server and different schema for storing user data and other information