Red Hat Satellite standalone kickstart image

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Is it possible with Red Hat Satellite 6.x to create a custom RHEL 7.x kickstart image that can be deployed to a standalone (offline) machine?
The closest thing I see is PXE-Less but even that requires the 'discovery service'.


Hi Michael Waring, This is possible even without a Satellite server. One example is Frank Caviggia's example (google him) where he has a GitHub link for both CentOS and RHEL. His example will produce a very hardened system, and if you do not read his notes, perhaps his scripts, you'll find the hard way things such as the root account not being able to be logged into directly, but you must use "sudo" with the account you create at first.

His method is one arch-type, you can in principle take the principles of his method and make your own stand-alone DVD/ISO and you can use it for CentOS or RHEL. If you decide to use his free method, please make sure to read his process thoroughly or you'll be frustrated and regret it if you do not thoroughly read his resources.

There are other examples available besides Frank Caviggia's method.