RHEL 7.9 to 8.1

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Hi all,

I know that the latest stable version is 8.2. But for some reason, the environment needs 8.1. Is it possible to direct upgrade from any 7 version to 8.1?

Please advise
Thank You


Hi Peter,

No, unfortunately not - Red Hat currently supports in-place upgrade from RHEL 7.9 to RHEL 8.2 ... :)
Read more about the details here -> Supported in-place upgrade paths for Red Hat Enterprise Linux


Hi Christian,

How about in-place upgrade to 8.0 from any version of 7? It is not possible for clean install on my environment, and 8.2 cant be used on the environment.

Please advise Thank You Peter

Hi Peter,

As I said ... not supported. If you really need a minor RHEL 8 edition being below the current stable one, the only
option you have is to download the specific ISO and perform a fresh installation. It's recommended to perform a
clean installation when migrating from one major release to the next - in this case from RHEL 7 to 8 - anyway ! :)


Hi Peter,

As customers we cannot advise you any other way than the supported ways by Red Hat.

if the inplace update you need is not supported, build a second machine with the new OS and move the application and data to it is the only way.


Jan Gerrit