hammer errata list shows different result then by report genrated in GUI

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I am bit confused. satellite GUI will show different number of applicable errata then list of applicable errata generated in Monitor--> report template--> applicable errata.

Also when I do hammer --csv host errata list --host [xyz.com]

it returns nothing

hammer --csv host errata list --host xyz.com
ID,Erratum ID,Type,Title,Installable

Report attached (PNG) is generated by GUI Monitor--> report template--> applicable errata.
for same host


Please advise



Can confirm this is happening for me as well, however the errata listed in the csv file are Published after our monthly patching cut off (1st of each month) and which have not been published and promoted to the associated Lifecycle Environment. To me returning nothing using the hammer command is expected. Is it likely that the list returned via the GUI report is based on what is applicable "today" for that server?

I just patched the last of our servers (Production LCE) here on the weekend, and the GUI is only showing 3 available patches all dated after 1st October (6/10, 19/10, 20/10). I expect that these will be added on the next patching round, when I update the errata date to 1st November and I have published and promoted to the correct LCE.

If I go to the Content Host I can see the three available errata by switching from Current LCE to Library Synced Content. Host > Content Hosts > choose host > Errata > from dropdown choose Library Synced Content and in the results are the 3 available errata.

So from that, I assume that the hammer command is reporting accurately based on server and LCE, while the GUI report is based on the server and synced content of your Satellite server Library.

Hello, maybe errata calculation happened between? There is a pulp task for it that should automatically run when Satellite detects a change to applicability could happen.

You could also invoke the applicability calculation manually: in WebUI, go to the Content Host and Errata tab, and click to Recalculate. It will kick off a task that should complete in few seconds (until you are just syncing repos or publishing/promoting a CV, that would delay this task).

report template by default generates applicable errata list where as hammer --csv host errata list --host [xyz.com] list installable errata and this is why i get difference. I think I cant generate report for installable errata from report template screen To get up-to-date list if installable errata I believe i should publish content view with sync'd repos