Anyone setup a Windows VM on RHEV 4.4 ?

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So 4.4 has dropped floppy support so that's awesome.

Here is a bug report on the issue:

Where they say just swap over to oVirt-toolsSetup when windows asks for a driver.

My problem is when I edit the VM and change the disk, the VM does not reflect the disk change.

I must be doing something simple wrong.


Hi Dan,

I've not personally dealt with RHEV, but hopefully another volunteer here or someone in the Red Hat community has. If you need urgent help, I recommend a case with Red Hat since RHEV is a supported paid product. From what you describe, it sounds like (correct me if I am wrong here), you are attempting to edit a disk for the virtual machine in RHEV and RHEV is not reflecting the disk change? Is that correct? That sounds very not good, and I'd personally submit a case on this. Is there any chance permissions for the person attempting to do this are insufficient? I can't say that is an issue, but I deal with virtualization with another product, and I was given specific permissions to do certain things for specific servers. I have zero idea if this is what's going on for you. Does this not work for one person, many people, or all admins of the RHEV instance?

If needed, submit a case for targeted prompt assistance directly from Red Hat.



I haven't upgraded to 4.4 yet, but I have been looking through the documentation. If you have uploaded virtio-win iso to your storage domain, there should be a checkbox in the "run once" windows called "Attach Windows guest tools CD." In section A.2 of the Virtual Machine Management Guide, it states that this creates a secondary virtual CD. You should be able to read info from both CD's without having to switch CD's.

If you are not using the "Run Once" window, I do not think that you can add a second CD.

I hope that helps.


Hi frank. Thanks for the tip. I have the iso uploaded to my storage domain, but don't see the checkbox called "Attach Windows guest tools CD." I wonder if the filename of the iso matters.


maybe I should add another just called virtio-win.iso

Was wondering if I had to yum install virtio-win or something on the hypervisor. I guess I can try that too and report back.


From my experience with RHV 3.3 through 4.3, you do not need to install the virtio-win on the hypervisor. In fact, my hypervisors do not have the repository needed. I install virtio-win on the manager and then upload the virtio-win iso. From the description, I am sure that it needs to be the virtio-win package and the name needs to include virtio-win. (It appears that version info can be included in the name without affecting it.)


Not sure if I would recommend 4.4 yet.

Still a few bugs to be squashed. Not a fan of the changes to SPICE / VNC where the mouse release but not the keyboard so you have to Shift-f12 twice, and the notifications can't be disabled that block portions of the screen.

Does 4.3 have the new cockpit like UI? I'm coming from 3.6. Was thinking of rebuilding with 4.3.


Thanx for the info. I was not aware of the mouse / keyboard release issues or the notifications. As far as 4.3 vs 4.4 goes, the one thing to keep in mind is that 4.3 ONLY runs on RHEL 7 and 4.4 ONLY runs on RHEL 8. Once 4.3 is installed, the only way to upgrade to 4.4 is to reinstall the OS on the hypervisors / RHV Manager.

I believe the UI is similar, or at least it looks similar from the documentation. 4.3 still has a few bugs, but there is a HUGE improvement in live migration and snapshots from 3.6 to 4.3.


Frank, thanks for chiming in here