RHEL 4.3 support on POWER ?

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Wanted to know whether RHEL still supports RHEL 4.3 on POWER ?

I went thru' https://access.redhat.com/site/support/policy/updates/errata/
and could not conclude whether RHEL 4.3 is still supported (especially for POWER) as at the end of that webpage, I also read following:

"In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, EUS was available for the following minor releases:

4.5 (ends January 31, 2009)
4.7 (ends August 31st, 2011)


So, can someone @RH confirm whether they still support RHEL 4.3 for IBM POWER hardware ?



I'm not with RHT, but RHEL 4.3 is not currently supported on any platforms.

RHEL 4 is in the Extended Lifecycle Phase of the chart, which means that the packages are available but no updates will be issued and limited tech support is available. The Extended Lifecycle Support add-on was not available for the POWER architecture subscriptions.

While you can download RHEL 4.3 with an active subscription, whether or not tech support will give you any help other than "Update to 4.8 and plan to migrate to a supported major version", maybe someone from RHT can answer.

Existing RHEL4 server installations are still fully supported as long as you have a valid Standard or Premium server support entitlement. RHEL4 support ends altogether on Feb 28th 2015.

Whether or not we can actually assist depends on the issue. We'll gladly troubleshoot and attempt to resolve or work around any problems you're facing in supported components.

However, if it turns out that this is a known bug which is not resolved in RHEL4, you may be out of luck and the answer will be to upgrade to a later RHEL version where the issue is fixed.

If it is a bug, you may be able to request a fix with the ELS entitlement, but this is limited to extremely critical issues. If you don't have ELS at the moment, definitely don't pre-emptively buy it expecting to have issues with RHEL4 resolved. If the issue you're facing is a candidate for an ELS fix, we can advise this via a support case once we know more about it.

Please feel free to have a search on the knowledgebase for any relevant keywords or error messages, or open a support case describing the issue if you don't find an answer on the customer portal.