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Hi All,
I have installed RH server 5 (64-bit) and now want to install Satellite, but reading through
the docs it states that 64-bit is not supported for Satellite.
Is this correct ?



Negative. Current Satellite installations 'require' 64bit.

It depends on the version of Satellite you are attempting to install, I believe. I currently have 5.5.0 running on RHEL 5.X x86_64. However, I believe we started with 5.4.
Are you finding that there is no longer support for RHEL 5, or just RHEL 5 x86_64? I am in a bit of a similar situation. If our Satellite needed to be rebuilt, we could not simply start off with a RHEL 5 base and install Satellite 5.6 - as you can only download 5.6 for RHEL 6. We would need to start with RHEL 5 (@Base) and then install Satellite 5.5 and upgrade.

Satellite 5.5 is available for RHEL 5 x86_64.

Browse to
Downloads | Red Hat Network Products
select 5.5 from the dropdown.

 Red Hat Network Satellite (RHEL5) 5.5  s390x, x86_64

Can you please reference the doc and the page/section that you found this? They may need to update their docs! ;-)

Here you can find the minimum requirements for the installation of Red Hat Satellite. The URL:

32-bits would have made you stop at RHN Satellite 5.4
64-bits is the way to go and can bring you upto RH Satellite 5.6

The 5.6 documentation is at:

2.1: "Red Hat Satellite 5.6 is supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 or 6"