Hpet Timer Implementation support for multiple timers

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Sir, We want to use 08 HPET Timers for interrupts in our application on Intel Core-i7 processor. But currently we are able to use two timers using /dev/hpet device.
When we checked dmesg, output as below:

0.182300] hpet0: at MMIO 0xfed00000, IRQs 2, 8, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0
hpet0: 8 comparators

As we understand from the above log, there are 8 timers(comparators) are available. But onlt 2 IRQ's(2,8) are utilized currently.

Please tell me whether we can use 8 timers(comparators) in paralle. If it is possible please tell us how to do it. Please provide any procedure to configure the all hpet timers or any sample application/ code snippet for configuring all Hpet timers.

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