choosing the appropriate NVIDIA driver for rhel 5.6

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I need to choose a driver for working on Red Hat Linux Enterprise 5.6, and as there is no redhat driver I need to choose an nvidia driver. My question is very simple, and any one who had worked with rhel 5.6 could have the answer, so I would be so thankful to get responsed. I need to know which nvidia driver works well with rhel 5.6. To be a little bit more precise, I should note that my main goal is working with Ansys software, which is a fluid mechanics software, and so the driver needs to be compatible with that as well.

Thanks for any help.


You can determine which version of the Nvidia driver works for your Nvidia device by using nvidia-detect [1] from ELRepo. Then install the appropriate package(s) from the same repo. Pleasee see [2] for details.


Timothy, did the links Akemi provided above resolve this for you?


Actually I am Solmaz, Timothy is the name of license owner!!! so, to answer your question, yes it worked for me. And thanks to Akemi. The thing I'm still not sure about is that, if the driver it suggested is the last version or not, which I should check.

I see! Solmaz, did you know it's possible to generate multiple users for the same account? That way you'd have your own username.

If there is a newer version of the driver you installed, 'yum update' will find it (provided the elrepo repository is enabled).


Thanks David, I will do so in future!

Thanks Akemi, yeah the elrepo is enabled.