Add and configure CentOS ond Red Hat Satellite

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I am new to Red Hat Satellite, I have a configured CentOS 7 repos
and i have been trying to add it to the Satellite it registers it but when it comes to adding the katello agent step it says there is no repos.

I have tried following the steps on how to register a host, went through a couple discussions. I am at loss now any help would be appreciated.

Running Satellite 6.6

  • If there is also any videos or proper guides on how to configure satellite after the initial install or Satellite for dummies would appreciate if i could be pointed in the corrected location.

We are planning on moving our host from foreman version 1.xx over to Satellite. so any help is more than welcomed.

Thank you


Did you manage to integrate centos into Satellite? If so can you share your experience :)