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I constantly receive notifications saying "the system is not registered" but my system is registered.
See the attached screenshot.

I also verified in the command line with subscription-manager.

What do I have to do to make it stop ?




Hi Daniel,

It might be a temporary issue ... if it persists, I recommend to contact the Red Hat Customer Service team.
What you can try would be to unregister and re-register the system, possibly it may resolve the problem. :)


Hi Christian,

Thank you for your response. I did try to unregister/register (which was ended OK) but still...

I think I have this problem since the upgrade RHEL 8.1 to 8.2, and I thought it wouldn't last more than a couple of weeks.

My account doesn't have credentials to have direct support and I didn't want to annoy my sysadmins. I'll wait a bit before asking them -we are all remotely working from now on and they have a lot on their plate- or contact Red Hat Customer Service later.

Thanks again and have a nice day.

Best regards, Daniel

You're welcome, Daniel ! Wish you the same : have a nice day - and I hope that Customer Service can solve it. :)


Hi Christian,

For your infortation, Customer Service thought that it could be because I only have the "download apps and updates" right and not "manage subscription", but one of our org admin has all the rights and has the same problem with his machine. Someday , we'll have a local Satellite subscription server, we hope that it will end it. Otherwise I hope that an upcoming update could solve it.

Thank you anyways.

Best regards,


Hi Daniel, I have the same problem with fresh installation of RHEL 8.2. I try unregister/register again by CLI and GUI but still the message. Could you fix this problem?


Hi Reinaldo,

I don't have a solution for the moment. I will post in this discussion when I get one.


Hi Daniel,

Is the server attached to a Satellite or directly to CDN?

If possible run the commands below, or ask a system administrator to do it for you:

  • subscription-manager unregister
  • login to RH Satellite or customer portal
    • check if the server name is removed from inventory, if not remove it manually
  • subscription-manager register

See if this works for you


Jan Gerrit

Hi Jan,

The system is not yet attached to a Satellite so it is registered with CDN.

I followed your advices : I unregistered the system with subscription-manager CLI I deleted the server from the Web inventory

From CLI subscription-manager registered and insights-client --register

The system is back in the inventory, but still the same problem : I get notifications for "System is not registered". In the parameters GUI system is shown not registered but when I used the register window (see my screenshot in the first post) to register from Red Hat registration server it cannot register because the system is already registered.