RH Satellite 6.7 is here

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Last night a short notification has been published, too short for a great product like RH Satellite: Red Hat Satellite 6.7 announcement

The documentation to do the upgrade


Hello Jan,

Thanks for letting us know about it.

Hi Jan,

Thanks for the information ! :)


Thank you, The fun will begin when upgrading :)

Thanks, Jan!

Hi newish to satellite...Linux/Unix long time.

Had issues upgrading from 6.6.1 to 6.7 that got me into a cycle of fails. Ultimately issued:

[root@svl-satellite-p1 ~]# satellite-maintain upgrade run --target-version 6.7 --whitelist="foreman-fact-names,foreman-tasks-not-paused,repositories-validate,repositories-setup"

Which succeeded, updated 1032 filesets all seemingly good. And the change to get there was to add the whitelist elements to the command.

Post-"upgrade", the system still lists at 6.6.1 in the GUI and via command line via:

rpm -q satellite --queryformat "%{VERSION}"

So clearly I am at the old version.

Followed the upgrade doc (or so I thought)…

Has anyone run into something like this upgrading to satellite 6.7?

Thanks - CJ

Hello, I think the culprit is in skipping steps "repositories-validate,repositories-setup" - if I am not mistaken, the later one calls something like subscription-manager repos --enable=rhel-7-server-satellite-6.7-rpms (and disable 6.6 repo). Maybe you just updated the OS but not Satellite packages, hence upgrade did nothing?

Hi UNIX Systems (aka CJ)

I'd recommend for you - please submit a case directly with Red Hat on this topic.

I'm about to go to Red Hat Satellite 6.7. I have done some satellite upgrades, however given the wildly different nature of 6.7, I plan on building a fresh new Satellite server and migrating my systems to it. I've never had a satellite upgrade go clean (well, just once), even when working with a TAM (Technical Account Manager, who provided very useful help), it was still quite a pain.

Upgrading a satellite will unfortunately have a lot of rounds of "your actual mileage may vary".


RJ, Did you ever build your new Satellite server 6.7? I would like to avoid any pitfalls from an upgrade. I want to upgrade from a physical Satellite 6.6.0 to a virtual 6.7.y. I like being able to roll back a snapshot if everything doesn't go according to plan.

I built a test virtual Satellite server that I have registered, but with nothing registered to it. I am looking at cloning the existing Satellite server, although it might be easier to just recreate my activation keys and organizations. I only have about 6 dozen machines that report to my Satellite.

I could also snapshot, try the clone, and then roll back if it doesn't work.

hi David,

If I would do a P2V, I would do this with the current installation, not a cross release migration. Once the P2V has completed I would do a snapshot and try the upgrade.

The other option do a build from scratch on the new virtual machine, and migrate the clients to it.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra