Provisioning CentOS 8 Server

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I'm trying to provisioning an CentOS 8 host on Satellite 6.6.
The configuration use a default kickstart, default templates and CentOS 8 kickstart.
In CentOS 8 Product are AppStream, AppStream kickstart, BaseOS, Extras, PowerTools, Centoplus and kickstart defined.
The following errors appears in VM console: Error setting up software source and Error checking software selection -> Please see attached file: anaconda_installation_menu.jpg
More info was found in /tmp/anaconda.log. Please see the file: *tmp_error.jpg *.

All repos was refresh, metadata recreate but the problem occurs. The network subnet are the same as other RHEL 7 servers and it is was I don't understand where is the problem.
As someone any Idea where could be the problem?

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this is known problem which is currently being worked in the upstream

A workaround is to add additional AppStream repository by editing a template. For more info:

Oh I just saw you are trying to install from Katello (synced) repository. That's a different case, in that case I suggest to file a bugzilla on "content management" component.

Hi Lukas, Thanks for the advice and infos. Now that I know it's a bug, I don't need to troubleshoot my configs anymore. Like as you said, I've opened up a bugzilla (1819672). Regards, J.

Hello, apologies but I haven't realized that RHEL is the only supported OS in Satellite. I suggest to reach out to the upstream community:

Hi, No problem and however this is about Satellite. Ok, I'll check with the community.

Are you having the same issues provisioning RHEL 8 systems from Satellite that you have attempting to provision CentOS 8?