No rhel7 images available for Decision Manager - rhel8 only

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Where are the rhel7 images for Decision Manager?

I have on premise OpenShift 3.11 running on rhel7 hosts. This is fully supported configuration. A lot of the new images on the Red Hat container registry are rhel8/ubi8 based only. rhel8/ubi8 are not fully supported or recommended on rhel7 hosts.

OpenShift 3.11 is still in full support until June 2020. End of Maintenance Schedule until June 2022. OpenShift 3.11 does not currently support running on rhel8. I am updating all of our images to minimise the CVE exposure.

  • OpenShift 3.11 support lifecycle statements
  • OpenShift 3.11 Tested Integrations (rhel 8 not officially supported)

The use of RHEL8 based containers on RHEL 7 hosts is not recommended

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Container Compatibility Matrix - Tier 3 - Commercially Reasonable Support

Current and only supported version of Red Hat Decision Manager is based on rhel8/ubi8 image. There are many more on the Redhat container registry.

Latest Decision Manager ->
The dockerfile starts with FROM ubi8:8-released. This is ubi8 (=rhel8) based image.
The other problem here is that all other older images are depreciated.
So there is no rhel7 based image available.

I think something has to be done internally in Redhat to get rhel7/ubi7 based images built and published on the Redhat container registry?

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