Systems reporting wrong IP addresses to Satellite

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We have a Satellite server which manages a number of multi-homed systems. The two interfaces are on different subnets, one for the application and the other for systems management (Satellite, SSH, SMTP, etc.). We have static routes set up so that communication to Satellite goes through the management interface.

However, when Satellite gets a hardware profile for some of the servers, it will associate one of the other IP addresses. For example, we have a system with a bond0 and bond1. The bond0 is for the application and bond1 is for management. The static route forces traffic to Satellite through bond1 but when I go to the Satellite WebUI and look at the properties of the server, it shows the bond0 IP address.

I have run tcpdump traces to verify that traffic from the server to Satellite is actually going through bond1 like it should (and our firewall rules only allow traffic to Satellite from that interface, anyway).

So, why is Satellite showing the address for bond0 instead of bond1? Any ideas? Is more information required to identify this issue?

Thanks in advance!