Is 64 bit version of PassSync 1.1.5 missing from downloads?

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Hello folks,

Working on a proof of concept install for IPA Identity Management for rhel6. To set up password sync, the docs point us to the channel downloads to grab the Windows password sync agent (note this is the same sync agent from the vanilla 389 DS docs), which is here:

When I navigate over the the RHEL 6 Server downloads section, under 6.4, I only see one option for the Win Sync downloads, th 32 bit version of passsync 1.1.5. If I go back in time, I can grab a 64 bit release of Win Sync from the 6.3 section, but this is passsync version 1.1.4.

Am I missing something? Should there be a second link for PassSync 1.1.5 x86_64? Or does such a beast not exist.

At the least, this seems confusing.