seeking redhat-lsb-core package in UBI repo

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using redhat ubi ... struggling to find equiv of


package in any of the UBI yum repos ... thx in advance,


I suspect you can't find it because it isn't there. The ubi packages are a subset for the normal RHEL content, but the normal redhat-lsb-core package is unlikely play nicely in ubi given that it had to be adjusted for CentOS (which you can see because it has "centos" in its version).

thx for the quick response and yes it is likely that I am confused ... my (potentially wrong) expectation was that a redhat-lsb would exist in UBI yum repo as it exists in redhat yum repos (as well as packages for fedora, centos, etc).

I can confirm that redhat-lsb-core is not available in any of the UBI yum repos ... that is inconvenient and wonder if that is an oversight on Redhat's part ?

Hi James,

I don't think it is an "oversight" of Red Hat, I think that was done intentionally. The UBI images can be used on any distro/system. :)


Attacking the question from a different angle...can you tell which specific file or dependent package included with redhat-lsb-core you actually need? (e.g. "mailx" or the "esmtp" and "libesmtp" packages, which are all dependencies of redhat-lsb-core (in Fedora 30)). The sub-packages might be included in the UBI repositories (or Michael mentioned, UBI is intentionally a subset of RHEL).