RHEL 8.0 - latest version of Podman

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any support for podman version 1.4 or any version above 1.0.2-dev?
or did I missed anything here that I cannot install newer version of podman?

commands that I used:
sudo yum module enable -y container-tools:1.0
sudo yum module install -y container-tools:1.0

Podman installed version:
Version: 1.0.2-dev
Go Version: go1.11.5
OS/Arch: linux/amd64

Linux os-release:
NAME="Red Hat Enterprise Linux"
VERSION="8.0 (Ootpa)"
PRETTY_NAME="Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0 (Ootpa)"

REDHAT_BUGZILLA_PRODUCT="Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8"
REDHAT_SUPPORT_PRODUCT="Red Hat Enterprise Linux"


Hi Milad,

The module container-tools:1.0 you've installed, delivers the stable stream versions. :)
If you want to install the fast stream with the latest versions delivered each quarter execute :

sudo dnf module install container-tools:rhel8

Currently both streams deliver the same version of the tools, but expect new versions soon.
The newer versions of buildah, podman, and skopeo will be available in the fast stream then.

Find more information : RHEL 8 enables containers with the tools of software craftsmanship


Is the fast stream available for Redhat 8 yet ?

As indicated above the fast stream has been available for a while though wasn't at that point different from the default stream. You can check the current state by running dnf module info container-tools:rhel8 though my result from that just now is a little confused, possibly because it looks like RHEL 8.1 is about to be released.

Hi Gavin,

What Michael says is correct, the fast stream has been available since the release of RHEL 8.0 and as it was the
initial release of the major edition, both streams had the same content. After "things have settled down" we will
see newer versions of the tools soon and that most probably may happen with the first RHEL 8 point release. :)


I have tried and there are no updates available yet for Podman in the fast stream. I have read about a repo called "codeready-builder-for-rhel-8-x68_94-rpms". I see it has Podman 1.4.2 available - Could I use this repo for now ? thanks Gavin ...

Hi Gavin,

Yes, it's a good idea to enable the CodeReady Builder repository. :)


Thanks Christian for your answer, just also as an info RHEL 8.1-Beta has the latest version of Podman.

You're welcome, Milad ! And guess what ? RHEL 8.1 Final is available now. :)


excellent news - thanks Christian

You're welcome, Gavin ! :)

Hi, I hope I don't offend anyone by putting my problem here. We have installed RHOSP15 today in our LAB, based on RHEL8.1 (by yum update) and it aborts with a podman error. "run failed after [conmon:e]: No such log driver json-file" podman release in RHEL8.1 is podman-1.4.2-stable2

This problem(or similar) seems to be known and is already reported as Red Hat Bugzilla – Bug 1754416. basically it says that json-file logdriver is removed in podman-1.4.1 and this problem is fixed in podman-1.4.3 (and later) Therefore my question linked to this post: Where can I get an updated version of podman (1.4.3 or higher) or an updated version of container-tools module ?

Hope someone can get us going again to fix the RHOSP15 deployment procedure. Looks like this issue is introduced with the RHEL8.1 release yesterday, and it breaks the RHOSP15 deployment. Thanks in advance, Roel