Major confusion over licensing

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I have taken over administrating a small company network, and unfortunately I am somewhat new to RHEL, Satellite and our licenses.
I believe what happened was that there were 25 workstations, each with a RHEL 7 server installation, and so they purchased a 25-seat license accordingly.
Later on they decided to make use of Redhat Satellite to act as a yum cache, primarily, and so at this time they may have purchased additional licenses. Nobody I talk to here seems to recall exactly what was purchased.

One of our workstations was later moved off-site, and so they no longer wanted it to receive updates from the Satellite server on-site. I believe that the subscriptions may have been shuffled around to make that workstation talk directly to RHSM for its updates.

In my Red Hat Customer Portal account, I can see the following items:
Red Hat Developer Subscription - Quantity 1.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Support, Professional - Quantity 1.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server with Smart Management, Standard (Physical or Virtual Nodes) - Quantity 1.
Red Hat Satellite Infrastructure Subscription - Quantity 50.

I believe that the first item refers to the free developer subscription that every Red Hat customer portal account receives, and so is unrelated to my company network.

If I click on the second item, I see 0 out of 25 entitlements available, so this leads me to think that this is the 25-seat license we purchased for these workstations originally. The Start Date supports that. However, there is only one system attached, which is the off-site workstation.

I assumed that the third item would be the license for the off-site box, but I see that it has 0/2 entitlements available, and under Systems I only see our Satellite server's hostname.

I am unsure what the fourth item refers to. Would I be correct in assuming that this is what one receives when one purchases "Red Hat Satellite"? I see 49/50 entitlements available, and 0 systems attached, so I am unsure what is going on there.

If I am understanding correctly, my company has a license to operate 25 computers. We also have a RHEL Satellite license, that has the capability to provide for up to 50 clients?

If anybody could break down and explain what each of these products I see in our account are for, that would be immensely helpful.