Unable to Access Solution Article

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I have used the below article for reference in the past but am currently unable to access it - any ideas?



Hi Jonathan,

I have tested the link and I also get "Access denied". I don't know about the content of the article and why we can't access it.
Eventually it was locked by accident or perhaps intentionally. Best would be to contact Customer Support or open a case. :)


I figured that was the best route, but thought I'd start here. Thanks!

You're welcome, Jonathan ! :)

That solution has been retired in favor of:

I've updated our internal "duplicate" field so your original URL should now redirect properly to the above.

Thanks for the information, Jamie ! :)

That's great, thanks! I did end up opening a case and finding out the very same thing. This is very helpful though, much appreciated.

Jamie is working for Red Hat (I assume) ... that's why he was able to do that (I think) ... :)