RHEL 8 install hung at "Installing boot loader" on HP Z2

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On a new HP Z2 G4 workstation, I'm trying to install RHEL 8 from a usb stick with the full dvd iso on it. The installation gui proceeds until at the bottom it says:

Installing boot loader

at which point it is hung.

I tried completely erasing the partitions using gparted and trying again, but the same thing happens. Gparted had no complaints about writing a new partition table, either msdos or gpt.

Previous steps to get the usb stick to even boot included disabling Secure Boot in the BIOS and leaving 'legacy' booting disabled.



Hi, I am facing the same problem. New HP Z2 G4. I checked that it is certified for RHEL 8. The installer hangs at the time of installing boot loader. Same issue with RHEL 7.6.

Is this a BIOS setting issue?


RHEL 7.5 installed successfully - so basically you have to install the exact version that is on the HP Linux compatibility matrix for Z2.

I burned a double layer DVD for install media, turned off UEFI in the BIOS, and installed via legacy boot and it mostly worked. Hung at the reboot after install, but seemed a minor shutdown issue.

But it's frustrating to have to disable UEFI and I wonder how long computers, HP's in particular, will have that as a boot option. And I don't know what the consequences are to not have UEFI turned on.

I'm going to try some more things, like manually doing the partitions at install time to see if I can get UEFI to work.


I tried manual partitions ... nothing worked. But RHEL 7.5 installed without a problem. HP Z2 compatibility says 7.5 or higher - but only 7.5 works, as I tried to install 7.6 and 8.0, both froze at the boot loader installation.

I believe you can enable UFEI after installation.