need your assistance to calculate Redhat subscription license?

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Hi team,
I need your assistance to calculate license for environment?

Assume that we have 4xDC Vmware with each of them 30 hosts and total Rhel VMs are about 1500.
1. Here is the license.
RHEL Svr 2 Sckt 4 Gst 5yr 9x5 E-LTU and quantity is 15
What does this mean? Is it cover 4Gstx15 = 60 Rhel VMs?
and RHEL Svr 2 Sckt/2 Gst 5yr 24x7 E-LTU and quantity is 170. 2Gstx170=340 Rhel VMs
Is it right calculation?

  1. For the following license. There pointed DC
    RHEL Vrtl DC 2 Sckt 3yr 9x5 E-LTU quantity 50.
    Is it for 1 Vmware DC with 50 hosts or 50 VMs?

  2. Can we use RHEL Vrtl DC license for physical servers ?
    If yes how can we calculate?
    RHEL Svr 2 Sckt/2 Gst 5yr 24x7 LTU quantity is 100. This mean 1physx100= 100 rhel physical servers?
    This "RHEL Vrtl DC 2 Sckt 5yr 24x7 E-LTU quantity 10" can be used for physical ?

thanks in advance