Kickstart installation

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Does anyone can help me to get easy learning documentation for automated installation kickstart, the would be too great for me. Thanks.


Hi Abdullah,

Kickstart from a DVD, or a Network resource?

Did you try the kickstart application on the Customer Portal?


Jan Gerrit

Hey Jan thanks for your replay. I wanna learn kickstart from network. Please help me. And i don't know anything about Kickstart application the also be great for me. Thanks again.

Hi Abdullah, is the url for the Red Hat Customer Portal app. I am not sure if it works completely for RHEL 8, for it only has a choice for RHEL 8 beta.

Also check out it explains the parts of a kickstart file and how to use it.


Jan Gerrit

Opened RH Case 02392931 to get the app updated for RHEL 8.0 GA.

Many many thanks Jan for your info.