how to get my subscription-manager attach --pool=<POOL_ID>

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how do I find out what my POOL_ID is


Hi Mark,

Execute the command sudo subscription-manager list --available ... scroll down, until you find/see the Pool ID.

SKU:                 RH00798
Serial:              6176907811942841144
Pool ID:             8a85f99b6977b7c00169e2352db05b03

In case the subscription is already attached, the command would be sudo subscription-manager list --consumed. :)


Thanks a lot Christian, that was helpful!

You're welcome, Aashish ! :)

Hi Christian,

I am running this command but it's returning back the error "Dieses System ist noch nicht registriert. Führen Sie »subscription-manager register --help« aus, um mehr Informationen zu erhalten." Can you please tell me how to proceed to have my RedHatLinux correctly registered?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Roberto,

Do you possibly have registered another RHEL system ? You can check it it here -> Management/Systems

In case you have - first remove the old (existing) RHEL system and then execute the following commands :

sudo subscription-manager remove --all
sudo subscription-manager unregister
sudo subscription-manager clean

sudo subscription-manager register
sudo subscription-manager refresh

sudo subscription-manager list --available
sudo subscription-manager attach --pool=<Pool-ID>

Now it should work and in case it does not, contact Customer Service and ask them to solve the problem. :)


Hi Christian,

Thanks a lot!! It's already working,



You're welcome, Roberto ! Glad I could help you. :)


No available subscription pools to list Please guide for above subscription

Hi Jitendra,

Please make sure you have a valid subscription. Then execute the steps I've provided above. :)
If you still can't find a pool ID, contact Red Hat Customer Service, and ask them for a solution.


Hi Madhu,

Welcome to our community ! :)


Iam Unable to register Linux server 7.9 beta

Hi Madhu,

Please check if you are having a valid RHEL subscription that includes RHEL beta products. :)


HTTP 401 error iam facing please help me

Hi Madhu,

Please follow the instructions I provided in my article Renewal - Best Practice step by step. :)



Lists all possible subscriptions that have been purchased, even if they do not match the system architecture

#subscription-manager list --available --all

You can refer the subscription-manager command cheat sheet.

I got many pool ID, how can I determine which one I have to use.

Hi Sai,

Well, this is obviously something that only you yourself can know ... if you want to set up a RHEL server, you have
to attach a RHEL subscription for example - or, another example : if you want to set up a Satellite server, you will
have to attach a Smart Management subscription. :)


Hi Sai,

So like Christian tries to point out. First we need to know what Red Hat software you want to install before we can advise which subscriptions you need. The pool IDs you will have to find yourself.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Bom tarde a todos! Quando executo o comando, aparece:

sudo subscription-manager list --available No available subscription pools to list

e quando uso o comando:

sudo subscription-manager list --consumed No consumed subscription pools were found.

Hi All, I'm also having similar requirement. I'm trying to find pool id of each repo allowed to configure to host. in my case it's 11.

subscription-manager repos | egrep 'Repo ID' | wc -l


I'm trying to find pool ID of each.


did the list --available, got a whole bunch of output and do not see anything in there called a "Pool ID"

thoroughly confused

NVM I found it, my major issue here is im installing into a vbox vm on a 4k monitor with a vbox screen the size of a postage stamp. really difficult and cant install the additions till i install some updates etc

I just created VM in the cloud, subscription-manager list shows the pool id and Provides:, I'm looking for "Red Hat Directory Server" and it is there, but I can't get to it or install it.

Try using an activation key within an org id/number subscription-manager register --activationkey --org=1234... ( account required - Creating Red Hat Customer Portal Activation Keys - How to register a system to Red Hat Subscription Management using an activation key? )

that said, the installation doc does indicate to use a pool ID: 1.2. Installing the Directory Server packages

and 1.1. Installing the Directory Server packages

another way is to download an ISO file from ( account required) for the "Rde Hat Directory Server" or a local repository of packages.

I would like to understand what is the result of some output of the magic commend subscription-manager list --available --all

I hope I know what each part mean 1-Provides Management: Yes 2-Available: 50 Suggested: 1 3-Service Type: L1-L3 Roles:
Service Level: Premium Usage:
Subscription Type: Standard Starts: 02/16/2023 Ends: 02/16/2024 Entitlement Type: Physical

Thank you very much for time and effort

Hi ,

When I'm trying to attach the Red Hat Developer Subscription for Individuals with command subscription-manager attach --pool=. "Ignoring the request to attach. Attaching subscriptions is disabled for organization "15922442" because Simple Content Access (SCA) is enabled." -------error It gives me an error is there any way to attach it without any error.

Hi Harsh,

If you want to disable Simple Content Acces, you can do it here -> ... :)


Hi Christian, if I disable it now, but in future if i want to enable it that can I do or not [ is this an one time processes?]

Hi Harsh,

Sure, you can re-enable it whenever you want. :)


Hi, that's cool. thanks Christian.

You're welcome, Harsh ! :)