Perfomance issue on one NFS filesytem within SAP server running with RHEL OS

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One file system /usr/sapmnt is mounted within OS which is an NFS filesystem. This is an SAP server with CI & DB nodes, and these 2 nodes are in cluster. The /usr/sapmnt filesystem is mounted on both nodes via NFS. Further we are facing performance issue while accessing this file system and ls command get hanged when executed. Also this file system has more than 4 lakh of files within it. This is impacting the SAP application. Has anyone came around this situation and would like to know the probable cause.


There's not necessarily a problem with 400000 files in one filesystem, but having that many files in one directory is a big no-no for NFS.

Of the top of my head, a hanging ls could be one of these:

If those don't work, the suggested initial troubleshooting gathering for NFS is detailed at How to begin NFS Debugging however you need some knowledge of the protocol and filesystem operation to interpret the data.

You might be better opening a support case about this. Following the Protocol Issues debugging steps and supplying that data with your support case would get it off to a good start.

Hi was there any update or resolution to this performance issue? I had a user with a similar issue recently. Also has anyone done /sapmnt/SID without NFS? NFS is pretty ugly when it hangs is why I ask.

Hi J U,

A thread that has not been updated in almost 6 month, I guess it is best to go with Jamie Bainbrigde's advise.

Open a support case, for the Original Poster might not respond anymore.


Jan Gerrit