Issues with Decision Manager setup

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What logs are used by default on pods built from the RHDM and Kie-server images? Specifically stdout and WildFly logging, I'm having trouble finding the application and system logs.

When I run "oc get logs " which logs are being shown here?

Does the kie-server pod image include "KIE workbench"? If so how can I access the Kie Workbench app?

What should the Connection URL look like for connecting Decision Manager to our MySQL instance that's in another pod on this project?

Is there a way to do port forwarding that is always from the same port? Here's what were using now:
$ oc port-forward mysql-3-brvk9 :3306
Forwarding from -> 3306
Forwarding from [::1]:39473 -> 3306
which works, but there's a different number that it forwards from each time and I have to update my connection string