How to turn On the network configuration

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Hi all,

I just install 7.6 and unfortunately my X start failed. So I am trying to register the rhel, but I don't have any connect(I am getting Network error). As I am having active Ethernet connection connected to my system but I just need to turn on my network.

Can anyone please guide mu how to do that as I am a newbie in Red-hat world.

Thanks in advance

Prem Rao


If you do not have a working desktop GUI, you will have to resort to command line in order to enable your network connection.

If you have already configured the IP address, gateway and DNS previously, it would only be a matter of running if up <interface_name> or if ifup command is not available, run ip link set <interface_name> up. In order to get the interface name, just run ip a and determine which one (if multiple interfaces available).

If you haven't configured the IP address and other details previously you will have to configure them now. Refer this for how to do that.

Hi Prem,

As you say you are a "newbie" : the most easy approach in your case would be to reinstall the system, because you didn't set up
and modify anything already. This time configure the network settings in the Anaconda installer. Configure it to "Automatically
connect to this network when it is available" in the section "Network & Host Name" ... after system start network is turned on. :)