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Greeting Red Hat Comrads
I am just starting to get my "feet wet" in the redhat world. Does anyone have any advice, tips, pointers or just really good starting points? Any advice would greatly be appreciated and not fall upon "deaf ears".
Thank you in advance to anyone that replies!
J.R. Rider


Hi Joshua,

Welcome to our community ! :) Best would be if you ask specific questions, general tips would exceed the Red Hat server capacity.
(HaHaHa) Also, you can search for advises and articles in the Customer Portal Knowledgebase, you will find tons of material there.


Thank you all for your advice, sounds like I have both my starting point and my work cut out for me!! Have a great night and thank yall again!

Hello Joshua,

And a welcome to our community from here, too.

I would agree with Christian. If you have a specific question just fire it out and we could point you in the right direction or answer it directly.

And now, have fun with your RHEL machines.

Regards, Joerg

Hi Joshua,

Welcome again!

Yes, there are tons of tips/advice for newbie in this Linux world. However, I'd say that you may enroll for RHCE which would be a good start for building carrier and you would earn a badge as well. This would enhance your technical capability and build up your confidence. Though earning certifications may not be an absolute necessity, however, it would certainly be a plus factor in your carrier.

Red Hat has announced a lot of free tutorials/videos to encourage learning especially for new-comers.

This is an excellent initiative from Red Hat to improve and enhances user/learners experience in getting certified or acquiring technical skills. There is a discussion forum as well using which an user can post queries and which gets answered by community members. There are a few free (no-charge) basis videos/tutorials also available at this site and one of which is

I completely agree with Christian & Joerg, if there are any specific questions you may post it here.

All the best!


I have used Linux on and off for about 18 years, never really getting "under the hood" until the last few months. I personally find Red Hat's documentation to be seriously top notch! What I did was bought the "Linux Bible" which is RHEL and Fedora specific. This gave me a more generalized view... enough so that the documentation on the RH site made a lot of sense.

My next staple source is using the man command. Made myself a directory of man files printed to txt files.

I'm typically a person of little patience, but the RH documentation is so chock full of goodness that I find I actually read a lot more than your typical documentation.

J.R. Rider

  • If it fits for you, grab the Red Hat Developer's Suite (which is a developer's edition of Red Hat enterprise Linux Server, not for production use). Take your red hat login credentials and log into and then check your email, click the link, accept the agreement, and go back to and check your subscriptions.

updated seriously consider the course mentioned earlier by Sadashiva Murthy M

added It might be a Good Thing(TM) to read up on selinux That guide is in the form of a coloring book, but it's a good initial introduction.



Hi RJ ! :)

How can you know if Joshua calls himself "J.R." ? Did you think of "J.R. Ewing from Dallas" when you wrote this ?
I guess you know what I'm referring to ... hope you don't mind the joke - I think some humor and fun is never bad.

Cheers :)

I love humor, my internal subroutines sometimes actually detect it too!

HaHaHa ... great, RJ ! Good to know that you "detect it sometimes". :)

That is a nice advice RJ.