Community internals : Goodbye and Thank you, David !

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Today I want to - or better, have to - share the latest (sad) news concerning the Red Hat Customer Portal Community. I've received the information that our Community Administrator and Manager David Powles has left the company at the end of October and since is no longer with Red Hat.

I don't have any official information about what happened, what lead to the decision and what the reasons behind his departure are. I want to take the opportunity to thank David for his awesome and brilliant work, he built this community from scratch and made it to be an excellent place for discussing technical topics in a professional environment. He was friendly, helpful and kind to everyone and made this place a nice one to visit.

Thank you so much, David for everything you have done for us, it was a great pleasure to work with you, I've enjoyed our collaboration very much.
I wish you the very best of luck for your personal future and hope that you will find a good new job where you can invest your exceptional skills.



Wishing him well

Same sentiment.

Very valuable role. He was in Community Manager and Strategist and previously Content Manager / Knowledge Editor at Red Hat for almost 11 years.

The power of sharing information is very valuable in IT (and any other environment for that matter). Having a vision how to develop the forum and grow it is to be appreciated.

On a daily basis, my routine is to log into Red Hat forums, check current posts, then read latest knowledge-base articles.

From his LinkedIn page, it seems his current role is Community and Content Management Specialist.

All the best,

Dusan Baljevic (amateur radio VK2COT)


David is a huge contributor to lose. He reached out to me early in the Customer Portal story and encouraged me to get involved. He was an awesome resource to work with and was always quick to respond to queries/suggestions.

All the best for the future David, and thank you for your efforts getting this community up and running (and working so tirelessly on content quality)!

Make sure you get in contact so I can find out where you've landed now!

I wish him all the success in his future endeavor, , ,

David, he's a great guy, he will be missed. I'm sure he'll do well wherever he goes.